Open Maya Toolbox Documentation.

        Get it going:

Get the files:
Fetch the needed script files.
The toolbox is seperated into a bunch of small files, each containing a tool.
The tools are all managed by the OMT_toolboxMenu.mel which checks the omtoolbox/scripts dir for mel files and arranges them into known files (starting with OMT_[something] and 'custom' files. It then creates a list of the mel files in the omtoolbox -> Settings -> Tool Managing which makes you able to load/unload whatever tools you like to appear in your menu, and furthermore set the maya mode for which you want them to appear.
When placing your own custom tool files in the omtoolbox dir, beware that it only contains one actual tool and that it gets executed by typing it's filename in the command line

Download script
OMToolbox @
OMToolbox @

Download video codec
Techsmith video codec

First of all.. Unpack the zip file to a destination of your choice. Second of all, consider using the installation script located in the installer dir inside omtoolbox. As Im writing it only works on windows and there may be bugs, but it's definitely worth a try. Just copy/paste the code into the script editor i Maya and run it.

If the installer fails, you've got to hang on for a moment.
Start by placing the OMToolbox.module in your /home/maya/x.x/modules , open it with your favorite editor and remove the "///" in front of the line matching your OS.
Edit the path to point at your omtoolbox dir.
If you are using a userSetup.mel file (usually located in your home/maya/x.x/scripts dir), open it and copy/paste the content of omtoolbox/installer/userSetup.txt into it. Save and start Maya.
Else simply rename omtoolbox/installer/userSetup.txt to userSetup.mel or copy the content into a new userSetup.mel file and place it in any scripts dir (omtoolbox/script ; home/maya/x.x/scripts ; home/maya/scripts)
When all of this is done, you should have omtoolbox on your menu in Maya (if not then mail someone and ask for help).
Now you only need to open the settings -> File maneging and click "set defaults" to set all OMtools in whatever sections they are preset to appear in.
If no bugs were encountered, you should be set and ready to go. Have fun.
To create a marking menu, open the settings window and click "make marking menu". Restart Maya to load it

Setting the defaults sample video


Select Loop: v 1.01
Selects a loop/partial selection from a poly edge selection. Select Loop sample video

Select Outline: v 1.20
Selects an outline from a given poly face selection.
Optionbox to switch border selections on/off
Select Outline sample video

Select Ring: v 1.01
Selects a loop/partial ring selection from a poly edge selection. Select Ring sample video

Select Element: v 1.00
Selects all geometry which has adjacent faces/edges/vertices, so that several combined geometries where the vertices hasn't been merged can be selected individually. Select Element sample video

Scale Position: v 1.00
Enables you to move several objects as they would do if scaled while keeping their size. Scale Position sample video

Connect Components: v 0.50
Connects selected vertex/edge/face components and enabled the selection dragger on the new edge(s). Connect Components sample video

Extrude Components: v 1.00
Extrudes selected component.  

Selection Dragger: v 1.00
Enables you to slide the current poly edge selection sideways and along 3 different normals by dragging with MMB and LMB.
Selection Dragger sample video

Spin Edge: v 0.1a
Spins selected edge or the adjacent edge on two selected faces one vertex counter clockwise.
Spin Edge sample video

Split Around Selected: v 0.50
Splits around current vertex/egde/face selection and enabled the selection dragger on the new edge(s).
Split Around Selected sample video

Split Loop: v 0.50
creates one or several loops / partial loops from a poly edge selection and enabled the selection dragger on the new edge(s).
Split Loop sample video

   * dragSlider * :
- Cursor: Track
- slide using MMB / LMB for sideways/normal slide.
- ctrl + MMB / LMB to adjust the multiplier
- shift + LMB at loopSplit snaps to smooth/noSmooth
- shift + MMB / LMB to snap to 10%
- 'q' to quit tool
   * Partial * :
Executes procedure only between two selections:
Supported by loopSplit, ring-/loop-select

   *Normal vector calculations* :

- Projection: The projection option is calculated using vector projections as shown to the right. from er vertex point of view where the forward direction is defined by the selected edge you want to move, it uses the shortest distance from the vertex to the line going from the left verte to the right one.

This makes it unusable in normal sliding after a split as the distance from the new vertex to the line would be zero
- Flow Dependent: This one uses bezier curves to get the normal vector. It steps one edge to each sides of the vertex where it checks the flow of the planes and generates a vector which is used to the bezier calculations.

This makes it usable with splits but a bit more unstable as it checks on geometry not directly connected to the selection.
- Similar: This one uses Mayas own normal vectors that all have similar lengths which causes all the vertices to move with the same speed